Legacy Project

The following articles represent the essential contributions of Fanita to TA. The articles are structured according to certain issues. In each chapter the first article represents her concept the best. Further articles in the same chapter are additional material – for different reasons. Sometimes they illustrate the development of a concept during the years, sometimes they are import due to the cause they were published – i.e. as a part of a debate. All these articles are sorted out together with Fanita – and some of them are mentioned in the video-interview. Most of these articles are available as downloads. Furthermore we add some material which Fanita used in her workshops and which aren’t published. Last but not least we have to thank many people who supported this project. In particular we would like to mention Robin Fryer, Greame Summers, Charlotte Sills, Edie Beaujon, Emiliano Kamppeter, Erfan Moniri and Rafaela Echle beside many others who helped us in different ways to publish this project! Thank you all!

These videos are recorded at Fanita’s place in San Mateo in June 2012 and August 2013. The videos are not intended to be stand-alone explanations of the material. They are intended to be viewed after gaining familiarity with the content of the articles that can be downloaded from the Legacy Bibliography section of this website. The quality of the videos reflect the private atmosphere – therefore visual or audial impairments are genuine aspects of this project. Never the less we tried to achieve a certain level of quality that makes it easy to follow the talks. The major aim of these videos is to present Fanita’s ideas and concept in her own voice, with her own words and in her very own way to tell a story. Those who know Fanita from workshops or conferences will recognize some stuff embedded in a completed overview. And those who never met her and who are interested in her work will get a more personal impression beside her articles and books.

Chapter 0: Introduction to the legacy project / the end is the beginning

Chapter 1: Basic TA Concepts

Chapter 2: Existential Positions, and character-types 1 + 2

Chapter 3: Fifth Position

Chapter 4: Contracts

Chapter 5: Rackets and Racketeering

Chapter 6: Script

Chapter 7: Epi-Script

Chapter 8: Drives and Motivators

Summary: Fanita in person